Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hi from bay ridge! Have fun in Auckland u lucky bugger. Its freezing here!
from a 347 phone number, Friday, February 29, 11:13 AM

I wonder if 347 and Leila are both originally FROM Auckland. Usually I would assume that Leila was simply going there on vacation, but 347's use of the phrase "u lucky bugger" makes him sound like a Kiwi. Or, at least, not an American. Unless maybe they ARE both Americans, and 347 is just using that as a cute turn of phrase, like when my friend Jason went to England for a couple days and I asked him if he was going to "pull any fit birds."


Anonymous said...

i think this comment is from someone in brooklyn too, i live in bay ridge which is a part of brooklyn.

Emily said...

Regardless, I am very very jealous of that lucky bugger.

estelle said...

i am from bay ridge..

no one from bay ridge says bugger!