Saturday, March 1, 2008

omg! are you there!
from a 763 phone number, Friday, February 29, 4:45 PM

why arent you answering me! grrrrrrrrrrrr!
from a 763 phone number, Friday, February 29, 4:47 PM

hgggg! grrrrrrrrrrith! answer me! now! come on! christine is getting impatiant! and yes that word is spelled wrong!
from a 763 phone number, Friday, February 29, 4:50 PM

I hate how young teenage girls will do this, where they text like a million times over the course of a few minutes, as though that will elicit a response, whereas one text did not. Come on. In the very first text, 763 acknowledges the possibility that Leila may not be there. Therefore, 763 ought to be emotionally prepared for Leila's potentially not replying. Yet 763 is clearly incapable of accepting that eventuality.

What raises her in my esteem, though, is that she used fully TEN EXCLAMATION POINTS over the course of three text messages and five minutes. That's more exclamation points than I use in an entire DAY.


trampoline said...

For me it's the act of punctuating a question with an exclamation point. Though a period is even more maddening.

I do appreciate the work she (?) put into acknowledging her spelling error, as opposed to the three keystrokes it would take to fix it. There's something self-effacing and so-very-raw about that.

whiskeytown said...

that's my area - a minneapolis prefix - she was probably outside in the -5 degree wind or something - hence the urgency - LOL