Thursday, February 28, 2008

p m g&gs 4 crab cks & pups
from a 707 phone number, Tuesday, February 26, 3:06 PM

"I am concerned my text message be intercepted before reaching Leila. Therefore, I am writing it in ULTRA-SECRET CODE. Even if, by chance, some other Leila should stumble across this message in her inbox, she will never be able to DECODE IT. MUHAHAHA I AM A SPY."


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this came from somewhere within the restaurant industry...can't rightly say what "p m g&gs" means, but someone obviously wants crab cakes and a side of hushpuppies ("pups"). Make sense?

Anonymous said...

It means this person is going to G&G Supermarket this afternoon for crab cakes and hushpuppies.

I've See the Rain said...

I think it is a grocery list - i texts lists like this to my man all the time.

sw, wric,pchow, eggs, farters

seltzer water, white rice, dog food, eggs and beans