Monday, December 28, 2009

how far along r u
ho ho ho happy holidays.

from a 740 phone number, Saturday, December 26, 5:33 PM

How far along is Leila in what? Maybe they are both reading the same book and Prema wants to know how far Leila had read?

Also, the ho ho ho thing? Getting a little creepy.


Cheryl888 said...

I think she's asking how far along are you - as in Leila is pregnant! Just goes along with the last one asking how Leila was feeling.

Leila said...

Interesting... I had always believed that Prema was Leila's mother (based on texts like these:, and that Leila was young enough to need to get picked up places... but I could well be wrong. Or maybe Leila IS Prema's 15-year-old daughter, and this is a TEEN PREGNANCY!

Anonymous said...

Or, she's not pregnant, she had a cold at college and is now driving home. Prema-mom is irresponsibly texting her daughter while she (Leila) is driving.

Miss jane said...