Monday, December 28, 2009

this is gonna sound terrible, but would u do what we did last night with someone while we were together? cause even if we didnt kiss u know we did stuff
from a 203 phone number, Sunday, December 27, 10:26 PM

I love this text. This is amazing. Obviously, Leila is cheating on her boyfriend with 203-- well, maybe not quite cheating, since they didn't kiss, but they did do stuff. And 203 thinks this is great, only now it has occurred to him that if Leila would sort-of cheat on her boyfriend with him, then she might also someday sort-of cheat on him with someone else. That is the problem with cheating, folks!

So 203 is worried. And he wants to know if Leila would ever treat him as poorly as she's treating her boyfriend. And he wants to ask. But how? Can he sit down with her and have a conversation about it? No, too forward. Can he call her and ask her? Absolutely not-- how awkward. I know! (203 thinks.) I will TEXT her! That is the perfect way to get at the root of her feelings! There's no way she can lie or dodge the question in a 160-character text message!

I make this point all the time, but now I will make it again: The things people are willing to say in text messages!

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Anonymous said...

Do you think these are all to the same Leila?