Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 i$ n3@rly 0v3r $3nd th1s t0 th3 p30pl3 th@t m@d3 y0u $mil3 thi$ y3@r h@v3 @ h@ppy n3w y3@r @nd th@nks f0r m@king m3 $mil3
from a 916 phone number, Thursday, December 31, 12:41 AM

To help those of you not fluent in l33t: $ means S, 0 means O, 3 means E, @ means A, and 1 means I.

Though I have to say—and I say this as someone who is fluent in l33t, and who loves l33t, very dearly, as much as any real language—I think it is possible to go overboard. And I think 916 has crossed that line. Sorry.