Monday, December 28, 2009

RE: Fwd: MERRY CHRISTMAS. May the reason for the season be in your hearts today and always. I love you
from a 425 phone number, Friday, December 25, 11:33 AM

can u give me her #? and merry christmas
from a 425 phone number, Friday, December 25, 12:43 PM

hi what are u doing right now?
from a 425 phone number, Friday, December 25, 3:32 PM


from a 425 phone number, Friday, December 25, 4:20 PM

yes! the cosmos gave me a stoner roomie! REJOICE!!!11!11!
from a 425 phone number, Sunday, December 27, 10:32 PM

Guys. Here is what you have to understand here. This weekend I received five text messages from the 425 area code. AND NONE OF THEM ARE FROM THE SAME PHONE NUMBER. More to the point, only one of them is from MaYa! (I know, we thought MaYa had disappeared forever-- but, surprise! She has a slow learning curve.)

What is going on in Washington state?

At first I thought maybe these were all from MaYa, just using different phones. Like maybe her thought process was, "Clearly, texting Leila from my phone is not working. I know-- I'll try texting from Grandma's phone!" But look at the content: MaYa might say "hi what are u doing right now," but I doubt she'd forward on a chain text. Her messages tend to be boring, yes, but at least she always writes them herself. And she certainly wouldn't thank the cosmos for a stoner roommate. MaYa is a child. She doesn't know what stoners are.

So this means that multiple different people from Washington-- not a very populous state, I would like to add-- were texting Leila this weekend. The question is: Were they all texting the same Leila?


Pete said...

I've got to move to Washington now.

Sarah Bailey said...

Maybe MaYa told her friends about you and they all decided to send you texts! Maybe she's a lot more clever than you give her credit for? Probably not, eh?