Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby last night was so good:-)
from a 702 phone number, Friday, April 18, 7:10 PM

I feel pretty eh toward the emoticon at the end of this sentence. Presumably 702 and Leila shared a wild night of passion, and a colon-hyphen-closed parenthesis seems somehow to minimize the night's significance. Also, don't you think 7 PM is a little late in the next day to be talking about how good the previous night was? I'd think such a statement should come by 5 PM at the latest. Then again, I guess it depends on when you woke up.


Anonymous said...

5:00 at the very least.
And I always follow it up with a semicolon/hyphen/closed parentheses. So much more emotion behind that. And then a less-than three. And maybe a "CU l8r?"

Anonymous said...

I know who sent this.

They told me lots about it haha