Sunday, April 20, 2008

Church today at 815 You need to hurry up and get here or we are out of singingers. I WILL NOT BE HAPPY IF YOU ARE think about it
from an 828 phone number, Sunday, April 20, 6:35 AM

This is from the same 828 who texted Leila last week to say, "I really dont understand why you are doing this..i just wish we could talk this out.." They obviously have a very acrimonious relationship. It occurred to me that maybe I am part of the reason for their fighting; that is, maybe they are misunderstanding each other in part because they keep missing each other's text messages. So I called 828 to explain the situation, but she didn't answer (perhaps she was still at church?). I left a voicemail explaining the whole deal and found myself doing my best to defend Leila ("If she wasn't at church today, that wasn't her fault, she just didn't get your text..."). So we shall see.

Or, more likely, we will never see.

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Joshua said...

I'm sure Leila appreciates your defending her.

I hope everything works out for those two.