Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jenkins Hi Leila,
Can u call me, when u get a chance?

from a 203 phone number, Monday, April 21, 2:06 PM

There are too many Leila Jenkinses on MySpace for this to be at all helpful. I also tried googling "Leila Jenkins" + Connecticut (holla 203), but that was useless, too. I wish this Leila had a more esoteric last name. Like "Hoodwink." When I type "Leila Hoodwink" as a phrase into Google, nothing comes up at all.


Katie said...

Jenkins! is something boys yell out when playing online video games. So it could be an inside joke between them and not her name at all. who knows?

Leila said...

Is that true? Boys do that? "Jenkins!"?

Katie said...

yeah - I found this link where you can download the "Leroy Jenkins Battle Cry" for world of warcraft:

I really don't get it - but Urban Dictionary says: 1. leroy jenkins - A now popular (April/May 2005) mantra used by people online. Usually before running into a large crowd of enemies in Online Role Playing Games.
Named after a video made in World of Warcraft where a guy runs into a huge crowd of creatures yelling "Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!"
(referring to odds of beating creatures)

I'm actually not a gamer, I just live with one (my husband)!

BTW - I think your blog is hilarious!