Sunday, April 20, 2008

from a 201 phone number, Thursday, April 17, 5:29 PM

Ah, yes, "Shoot." One of the few swear words (as it were) that predictive texting will recognize.

Unrelated to this text, I want to make two notes. First is that my blog was featured in the May issue of Details magazine. (Thank you to reader Phil for bringing this to my attention.) This is pretty awesome, since Details is a legitimate news source; however, it is intended for men, which may explain why I've gotten comments recently from readers who know how many holes there are in a golf course and whether there are baseball jerseys buried under Yankee stadium.

Alternatively, maybe everyone knows those sorts of things, not only men's magazine readers, and I just don't pay enough attention. That's actually more likely.

SECOND NOTE: Today is my birthday!


guinness416 said...

Happy birthday!

Emily said...

If I had Verizon, I would totally text you happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Did you know you were featured in The Times (london)? Or is that old news?!

Leila said...

I don't THINK I knew that. Is the article online somewhere?

Also, doesn't the Times have bigger fish to fry?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Leila you have gone global.