Friday, April 25, 2008

passed d interview w amor. they will find next week kung 10 year visa. i do nt know wher s ima
from a 323 phone number, Thursday, April 24, 11:44 PM

Lot of different languages going on here. "Amor" is Latin and Spanish for "love." (Though, in this context, I think it's referring to Amor Ministries, since they seem to deal with visa-type things.) "Kung" sounds like a Chinese name, as in "kung fu." Meanwhile "Ima" is Hebrew for "mother."

Even though I don't know what language we're operating in here, this still seems like very good news. Getting a 10 year visa is extraordinary. I'm a little surprised 323 uses no exclamation points. This is at least as exciting as that text I got a few weeks ago that said, "Wats goin on.!!!!!?????"

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Anonymous said...

"ima" also means "now" in japanese