Thursday, March 27, 2008

2005 hyundai xg300 vin kmhfu45e45a399938
from a 505 phone number, Monday, March 24, 3:44 PM

I was with you up until the word "vin," but I think you just made up everything that comes after that. "kmhfu45e45a399938"? That is so not a real fact about cars.


Anonymous said...

Actually, VIN means "Vehicle Identification Number" and according to Wikipedia: "Modern day VINs consist of 17 characters that do not include the letters I, O or Q."

The more you know.

Doug said...

...and with that VIN you can pay carfax to get title reports, accident info and mor.

noninedaywonder said...

I have a car!

Leila said...

...Oh. Oops. I usually don't post texts I receive that include private information. Like when people text me their passwords to things. So maybe I shouldn't have posted this one because it had a VIN. In my defense, I obviously didn't know what a VIN was.