Thursday, March 27, 2008

My bracket is doing well, considering some dumbass choices on my part. How's that Georgetown pick working out for you, huh? Haha go Bruins!
from a 260 phone number, Tuesday, March 25, 3:50 PM

I assume this is about basketball. "March Madness" and all of that. However, I do know that the Bruins are an ice hockey team, so perhaps this is about ice hockey. But really does anyone outside of Canada care enough about ice hockey to send text messages about it?

I know I could just look all this up, but somehow, and however misguidedly, I find my athletic naivete to be charming.


snedapants said...

actually, the texter is probably referring to the UCLA basketball team... they're also the Bruins, and they're picked to win the national title by a lot of people... including that texter, apparently.

Miribella Designs said...

I was going to say the same thing...Bruins are the UCLA teams.