Thursday, March 27, 2008

hi how r u where r u still in jamaica? i miss u & hate that u don't like amanda!
from a 917 phone number, Sunday, March 23, 8:23 PM

where r u?
from a 917 phone number, Tuesday, March 25, 3:26 PM

tell me about american idol!
from a 917 phone number, Tuesday, March 25, 9:58 PM

call me b4 10:30
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, March 26, 8:56 AM

These are all from the same girl who texted, on March 19, "where r u how r u i miss u so much" and, "amandas out! don't txt back! i do not want 2 hear ur insults!"

I draw a couple of conclusions from these six texts. One is that these girls probably go to private school, as private schools are on spring break now, and that would explain why Leila might be in Jamaica. Second, I learn that both Leila and 917 share a fondness for American Idol. Third, I learn that 917 has THREE TIMES over the course of six days asked Leila, "where r u?" This seems prying to me. If she didn't answer you the first time, maybe she just didn't want you to know. Lay off.

Meanwhile, I don't know what to think about this whole Amanda thing. "i miss u & hate that u don't like amanda!"? Maybe. But does Amanda deserve to be liked?


Tabs said...

I have totally figured this one out, she means Amanda Overmyer on American Idol, who was voted out the week that she sent the "amanda's out" text.

Leila said...

OH, Tabs, you're brilliant! That makes total sense, especially because of her "tell me what happened on American Idol" text, so we know she is an AI viewer. Thanks!