Sunday, March 23, 2008

fischer hello sweetheart. I love u Leila. Call me when u wake.

black diamond

from a 510 phone number, Sunday, March 23, 1:48 AM

I wanted to call this guy back and screech at him, "Black Diamond! Hello! I am awake RIGHT NOW! You said 'Call me when u wake,' so HERE I AM! I love u, TOO! SOULMATEZ0RZ!"

Fortunately for 510, I don't act on ALL of my crazy impulses.


emceesher said...

can i interview you for my blog @

we're a new blog startup in boulder, co, but i'm a brooklyn expat, i used to have a blogger here which you can see, but i moved it to our server when i got hired over here

feel free to shoot an email to, thanks

emceesher said...

oh yeah, love your blog.

Anonymous said...

so FTW love your comments leila